What's SYUFU(housewives) Marketing?

Marketing is a serise of activity which get consumers
to make better use of products and service.
And among them, housewives are existing at 99.7% of usage place in the market.

(According to our company data in 1999)

It looks like the truth that housewives/women have the right of shopping decision.

Recently many CEOs in Japan say that the right of shopping
decision shift to housewives. And they all say with one voice
that from now on, the success on the business is to get
woman's heart. However it seems like that nobody knows how to do it.

A certain director in fifties who works for Car Dealer
deplored "Nowadays, the husband can't buy the car
if his wife says No. Years ago it could not be like that.
It is not the case buying a radish or a cabbage but a car !
When buying big stuff like a car, its shopper was a man.
Men becomes pitiful aren't they ?" He added "But I'm not."
and laughed. Unfortunately many Japanese men does not
want to admit the fact that the right of shopping decision
shift to housewives.

Now in Japan, many methods and theories of marketing are
established, many companies have dedicated department
for marketing, and sales promotion, and devoting product
development themselves to make products and sales
promotion. But we hear that conventional business ways are
not always acceptable.

Then is it true that conventional business ways are not
acceptable ?

No it isn't. We can not simply say that conventional
marketing method or sales promotion is wrong.
In Japanese historical background, there is the
status that complete society is over since pre-war,
through post-war, high economic men's growth
period, and up to the collapse of "bubble economy".
And women keep on participate in social activities,
gradually and certainly. We should think that
the past time when men's way of thinking
got along in manly society is over, and new
Men and Women's society introducing women's
ideas have been started.

For the success of marketing in the new era, just we should
hear housewives voice, and should understand housewives,
since they have the right of shopping decision. But Japanese
men who don't feed " the one that fished" don't try to hear
the women's voice. If they could hear voice, it is sure to
find the different result even if they use conventional ways
of marketing.

We want to realize "SYUFU Marketing" for new marketing in
the new era having that kind of thoughts, we have been
developing "Message of Women" to understand
SYUFU/Women's idea.

CAPUT BRAIN TRUST Corporation Director/ Ikumi Kagawa

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